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The national pharmaceutical machinery expo

The national pharmaceutical machinery expo

Fuzhou strait international conference and exhibition center

Lingxiang packaging Booth no : c111.  welcome to come to visit.

Sponsored by the Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry association China pharmaceutical machinery expo and China international pharmaceutical machinery expo, since founded in 1991, after 26 years development.In April 2016 in beautiful chongqing city welcomed the article 51 of the exhibition.

After 25th anniversary of carefully nurtured and meticulous organization, the national pharmaceutical machinery expo exhibitors from the first is only 98, booth number 200, 410 pieces of exhibits, visited 8000 scale, now has grown to exhibitors booth number 9130, 912, the exhibition area of 17 square meters, involving API machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment, preparation of medicinal crushing machinery, machinery and equipment, 

pharmaceutical packaging machinery, pharmaceutical water drug testing equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and other equipment, such as the eight kind of pharmaceutical

 products, professional audience reception from 40 countries and regions around eighty thousand person-time, international BBS and seminar held more than 20 games, become the largest industry exhibition in China's pharmaceutical equipment field, and plays an important role in the industry, for medicine machine manufacturers set up between the pharmaceutical companies and convenient trade and technology exchange platform, with the industry tongren hand in hand to promote the development of pharmaceutical industry in China.

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