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In 2012 the aluminum foil packaging applications

The aluminum foil packing in food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, electronics and other fields has been developing rapidly, has become an important link in packaging field.Recently, some new characteristics in the aluminum foil packaging market is worth attention.All kinds of novel packing emerge in endlessly.Due to the characteristic properties, such as easy to flex foil;Good adhesion, heat sealing;Printing performance and excellent surface decorative effect, enrich the appearance packaging design as a new feature of the aluminum foil packing application.Chocolate packaging, for example, we have a square common chocolate packaging, bar, round, diamond, oval, heart-shaped, etc.Abroad, there is manufacturer to give full play to the imagination, 

chocolate into Santa Claus, historical figures, all kinds of lovely animals, cartoon shape, surface color and decorated with the corresponding design.There are many similar design, such as design into the shape of a gold coin, with golden decoration;There are a variety of different modelling, such as football, automobiles, toys, etc.The modelling of chocolate packaging so rich, without the aluminum foil is unthinkable before packaging.The rapid growth of pet food packaging.A couple of years ago, pet food packaging is rarely used aluminum foil.But in the past two years on the European market pet packaging market is growing rapidly, has become a part of the aluminum foil packing market growth.Pet food packaging has some special requirements, such as open to seal again, after heating, preservation, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, make the aluminum foil packing in the field of pet food packaging.To foil generation tank.Can use a large number of aluminum alloy material, in order to achieve quality results.In recent years, there has been a substitute aluminum foil packaging aluminum can reach same quality assurance.Furthermore, the aluminum foil packaging, can effectively guarantee the cans TAB position dustproof effect, avoid dust pollution, to achieve the safety and health standard.At the same time, the aluminum foil peculiar appearance, can get a more attractive appearance.

Although these new applications has not yet become one of the most important part of the aluminum foil packing, but combined with the inherent characteristics of the aluminum foil, the development of new applications, is undoubtedly one of the important trend of the development of the aluminum foil packing market.Aluminum foil recycling should be attention with the rapid development of aluminum industry, aluminum foil recycling has become a part of an industry must pay attention to.In the tobacco industry, according to incomplete statistics, a medium-sized hunhe, edge cutting waste each year more than 50 tons, in large cigarette factory, such as coil plant in kunming, yuxi cigarette factories, wuhan cigarette factories), each factory scrap higher around 100 tonnes a year.Aluminum foil mill about 10% of the waste scrap, waste;Food, medicine, decoration industries such as the amount of waste scrap is considerable.And eventually become more garbage each year a large number of packaging aluminum foil.It is estimated that the annual to recycle aluminum foil about 100000 to 200000 tons.According to 6:3:1 (pulp: aluminium, the other), the proportion of the pulp containing about 60000 to 60000 tons, equivalent to a large paper factory production;From 30000 to 60000 tons of aluminum, also is equivalent to the output of a medium-sized aluminum plant.Also, the aluminum foil backing paper for more high-grade wood pulp, good strength, high whiteness;High quality aluminum aluminum foil for high purity.
Our company is a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil composite panels.The AFC composite board is alternative refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator freezer manufacturers backplane use after coating steel plate, galvanized sheet, plastic sheet, plastic hollow board of ideal material.Its widely used in wine cabinet, display cabinet, after the back of the cooler.

The product is our company carefully research and development of new products for many years, after years of repeated research, test and production, trial, has gradually towards the mature stage of the mass production to fill the domestic blank.

Aluminum foil composite board is a new kind of environmental protection product, easy to recycle, product waste recovery > 98%, no pollution, non-toxic, green environmental protection requirements.Qingdao haier production "liebherr refrigerator refrigerator production technology of imported from Germany, after the introduction of the prototype back for an AFC composite panels, and in 90 formulated the standard of haier, improved and revised in 95.
Our product thickness 1.0 5.0 ㎜ can let the customer the freedom to choose, and can produce different rules according to customer's requirements.The distinction of our product is: good flame retardancy and moisture-proof performance, surface water and steam through the quantity to zero;Heat insulation, energy saving effect is good, high burst strength;Especially external hanging type refrigerator condenser has excellent thermal insulation effect;Composite high peel strength;Composite board surface of the hydrochloric acid solution with PH = 3 respectively;PH = 11 of caustic soda solution;1 n NaCl solution;Respectively soaking 48 hours no corrosion, no change;No influence of 50% ethanol solution;The imitation of galvanized sheet embossing processing more make the product appearance beautiful decoration, luxury, and have a highly reflective on the thermal radiation, and the visual not dazzling, soft light.At the same time, we also can according to customer's requirement, provide silver, ivory, grey, gold and so on all sorts of color composite board.
Using the product will be great help for enterprises to reduce costs.If the annual output of 1 million refrigerator, can reduce cost 5, six million yuan.Value of their savings at a glance, are incredible!Now, some well-known domestic refrigerator manufacturers have clairvoyance, partially batch use or trial.
This company produces aluminum foil composite film. Inhibits PTP medicine foil. Aluminum foil sealing gasket. PE foam. Refrigerator with aluminum foil cardboard.
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